Fall and winter can be great times of the year to enjoy your deck, patio, or porch. As the season changes and the weather gets cooler, there are ways to stay comfortable when spending time outdoors. Here are a few tips to warm your outdoor living space during the colder months of the year.

Space Heaters to Warm Your Outdoor Living Area

One of the more conventional options to stay warm outdoors is a simple heater. Electric heaters are easy to use and make a great addition to your patio or deck. Many types of heaters are built specifically for outdoor use. Just make sure you have a power outlet nearby. These heaters are available in a wide variety of designs. Find one that complements your décor to keep warm in style.

You can also find outdoor heaters that are fueled by propane. These are often more environmentally friendly and sometimes used outdoors at restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. Propane heaters also vary widely in available designs. This type of appliance should be used in an open space. Unlike electric heaters, propane should not be used on an enclosed porch or covered deck due to the potential build-up of carbon monoxide.

Warm Your Outdoor Living Space with Heated Flooring

The warmth of radiant heat is comfortable and is a great addition to your patio or courtyard. Although we may think of under-floor heating for use only within a home, it is available for outdoor surfaces as well. This type of heating works best when installed beneath stone, tile, or concrete.

Another great feature of under-floor heating is its ability to melt snow off the surface Some homeowners even extend this heating to their driveways to melt snow and keep the surface safer in cold weather. This is a more expensive upgrade than simply installing an outdoor heater but is worth the extra time and money for those who get lots of snow.

Entertain Around a Fire Pit

Sometimes the best source of heat for outdoors is a traditional fire pit. This is a great investment for year-round use. Few things bring people together better than a cozy fire pit on a chilly night. Opt for a traditional wood-burning fire pit or choose a more modern approach with one that is propane-powered. Although the use of propane gas adds convenience, it does not give off the same amount of heat as a hot, wood-burning fire.

Fire pits are a cozy addition to your patio or backyard. Just make sure it is in a safe location with nothing above it. If you build a fire pit in the backyard, keep it a safe distance from the house and away from trees and awnings.

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