Severe roofing issues or damage will require repairs or even a complete replacement. It’s important to know the condition of your roofing and schedule regular maintenance and repairs. Here are some of the signs you need a new roof.

Age of the Materials

The roof’s age is helpful in determining when you’ll need a replacement. Look at your records or check the home inspection report to try and determine the last time the roof was replaced or re-shingled. A typical asphalt shingle roof can last between 20 and 25 years.

Curled Shingles are Signs You Need a New Roof

An obvious sign that it’s time for a roof replacement is buckling or curled shingles. When the shingles have reached the end of their lifespan, they start to curl and warp and lose granules. Shingles warp as a result of wear and tear caused by exposure to moisture and heat. Poor attic ventilation can also lead to moisture problems and curled shingles.


Another factor that will determine how long your roof lasts is how many layers of shingles are in place. You might need a new roof if the materials were installed over an existing layer of shingles.

When the top layer of roofing material is installed over the first layer, it is known as a nail-over. While less expensive than removing the original layer first, it’s not ideal and can lead to more damage to your home over time.

Installing a second layer of shingles over damaged roofing materials will shorten the lifespan of your roof. You’ll also see additional costs when you have to pay to remove both layers. This extra shingle layer adds more weight to the roof and absorbs more heat, leading to premature deterioration.

Damaged Flashing

Check the flashing to make sure that there are no breaks, cracks, or missing flashing around vent pipes, chimneys, or at the valleys, which could lead to leaks and water damage. Flashing on an older home is often made of roof tar or cement. Upgrading to a water-tight metal flashing system will increase durability and help prevent leaks.

Moss or Algae Growth are Signs You Need a New Roof

When moisture is trapped between your roof layers and absorbed by the materials, it can lead to mold, moss, and algae growth. This will damage your roof from the inside out as spores spread in the spaces between shingles. Along with looking bad, moss, mold, and algae can cause structural damage if left unchecked.

Address roof issues to protect your home from water damage. Be a proactive homeowner by scheduling regular repairs and inspections to better maintain your property.

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