Your deck has probably been neglected over winter, but now that it’s spring, your family will be using it more. Now is the time to inspect your deck to make sure it is safe and didn’t get damaged over the colder months. Here is a checklist for how to make your deck safe for children and pets.

Basic Deck Maintenance

Any wooden deck requires periodic maintenance. Once a year, sand, stain, and seal the deck. Spring is the ideal time to complete this task. Over winter, moisture and freezing temperatures can wear down the deck materials. Maintaining the deck will prevent it from splintering and injuring someone, and will also increase the lifespan of the deck.

Repair Loose Parts to Make Your Deck Safe

Loose parts of the deck, like boards and railings, can pose dangerous hazards. Loose boards become raised and are easy to trip over, and loose railings can break or give when leaned upon. Inspect all of the deck components and repair or replace any parts that are loose, wobbly, or rotting. 

Make Your Deck Safe with Shade

Your pets probably spend a good bit of time on the deck, but they are at risk of getting too hot. Their paws can get burned and they can overheat laying in the sun. Create shady areas on your deck where they can rest comfortably by using canopies, awnings, or umbrellas. 

Secure Doors and Gates

Ensure that the door leading out to the deck locks securely so that small children cannot go outside unattended. Make your deck safe by placing a locking gate at the top of the stairs that lead down to the yard. This will help keep your kids and pets secure on the deck so you don’t have to worry about them wandering away unattended.

Research Potted Plants

Certain species of plants look beautiful but are poisonous if ingested. Research the plants that you keep on your deck and make sure that they are safe for kids and pets to be around. Children and animals will put anything in their mouths, so only keep non-toxic potted plants to make your deck safe. 

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