When a household appliance breaks, it is often inconvenient, stressful, and costly. Short lifespans of household appliances are even more frustrating as you feel like your money went to waste.

However, when home appliances break down, it’s not usually due to poor quality but rather a lack of TLC. Luckily though, you can do many simple things to extend the lifespans of household appliances, so you can often enjoy 10+ years of use.

5 Tips For Extending the Lifespans of Household Appliances

Read the Appliance Manual

Most people are guilty of tossing an appliance manual in a drawer without even a glance, then frantically read it when something goes wrong, hoping to find a solution. Unfortunately, though, by this point, the damage is already done.

Get into the habit of reading the manuals when you purchase a new appliance. The booklet will detail necessary maintenance requirements for the entire machine and the individual parts. Reading the manual is essential because your new machine may operate differently than your previous one. If you assume it works the same as your old model, you could unknowingly be shortening its lifespan.

Clean the Refrigerator and Freezer

When cleaning the kitchen, the fridge freezer is the most forgotten part. However, when you think about how much you use this appliance, you’ll see how regular maintenance is essential.

Turn off, empty, and thoroughly clean your refrigerator’s freezer once every couple of months. There are many benefits to cleaning the freezer, such as throwing away out-of-date food. Deep cleaning also allows the freezer to defrost, which helps improve efficiency.

Replace Filters

It’s easy to forget that certain appliances need filter changes, and doing so can be costly. Dirty filters will clog your machine, forcing it to work harder and lose effectiveness.

Make a note of the home appliances that have filters, such as your HVAC system, dishwasher, oven range, and refrigerator. Then, check your owner’s manual to see how often you should replace them, usually between 3 and 6 months.

Extend the Lifespans of Household Appliances by Not Overloading

Although it can be tempting to fill your dishwasher or washing machine to the brim, doing so is a sure way to shorten the lifespans of household appliances like this. If your dishwasher is too full, things could jam into the door and cause damage. Likewise, if you fill your washing machine past the max line, you’ll place too much strain on the motor.

Rinse Plates Before Loading the Dishwasher

You can do various things to stress out and accidentally shorten the lifespans of household appliances like dishwashers. One common mistake is putting dirty plates and cookware into the dishwasher. Food debris will block the pumps and filters and damage your machine.

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