You use appliances in your home every day to efficiently handle chores. Knowing when you can expect to replace your major appliances helps to create a budget and begin shopping ahead of time. Extend the lifespans of home appliances by using and servicing them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Average Lifespans of Home Appliances


Dishwashers have an estimated lifespan of nine years. You can help your machine last longer and perform better by keeping the sprayer arm clean and unclogged. If yours has a filter, clean it regularly. Check and clean the seals frequently because they can gradually become caked with grime and mold.

Lifespans of Home Appliances: Refrigerator

Expect your refrigerator to last around 13 years when well-maintained. You can lengthen its lifespan with regular maintenance. Vacuum around the condenser coils at least once a year, but do so more frequently if you have pets. Clean the inside and the seals regularly and keep the doors shut tightly. When you do opt to replace it, choose a model that is Energy Star-certified. It will be more efficient, using 15 to 40 percent less energy than an older model.

Clothes Washer and Dryer

Your washing machine should last around nine to ten years, while a dryer tends to last a few years longer. Only run the washer when you have a full load of laundry so you run it less often, use less water, and cut down on your electric bill. Clean the dryer’s lint trap after every load maximize the lifespan of the dryer and make it safer.

Stove and Oven

Gas stoves last around 15 years, while electric models have slightly less longevity with an estimate of 13 years. Clean your stove and oven regularly and wipe up after any spills or drips to prevent smoking, burning, and the risk of a fire.

Air Conditioner

The lifespan of air conditioners is heavily dependent on use and climate. A window or in-room unit should last ten years, while you can expect around 15 years of use from a central air conditioning system. Replace the filters when dirty or as recommended by the manufacturer. Keeping the filters clean will help the appliance run more efficiently and last longer.

Lifespans of Home Appliances: Furnace

When comparing the lifespan of home appliances, your furnace should top the list with a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years before it needs replacement. Electric furnaces last about 15 years, gas furnaces around 18 years, and oil-fueled last the longest: an average of 20 years. Regularly check the ducting and replace the filters as recommended.

Having realistic expectations for the lifespans of home appliances allows you to plan ahead of time and research those big purchases.

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