Preventing burglaries is an important part of homeownership, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Putting security measures in place goes a long way for preventing criminal activity on your property. Here are 5 tips to improve home security.

Strong Locks Make a Difference

It may seem obvious, but the locks on your doors and windows matter for home security. All locks are not created equal, and some are stronger than others. High-quality deadbolts are made out of durable materials and have a longer latch than regular locks. Old windows often have weak or missing locks that should be replaced with new ones. Another option is upgrading your door locks to smart deadbolts, which you can open with a code or with an app on your phone.

Exterior Motion Sensor Lights Improve Home Security

Motion sensor lights are effective tools for home security because they suddenly illuminate your property when someone is moving around outside. They will alert you to activity at night if you are inside your home and the light turns on. Often, an unexpected light turning on will scare a criminal away who is trying to break in.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are great tools for home security. Just having a camera visible may be enough to deter burglars, even if it doesn’t work. Ideally, you’ll have cameras that connect to the WiFi so you can view the footage remotely from your phone. You can get alerts about activity and see what’s going on at your property in real-time.

Security Alarms

Security alarms are common for commercial business properties but can also be effectively used at your home. Home surveillance companies offer alarm systems that are also monitored by their personnel 24/7 so you will be alerted if the alarm goes off, no matter where you are. Security alarms are especially useful for large homes that have several entrances.

Improve Home Security While You are Away

Burglars often target homes that they know are unoccupied and look for visible signs that the owners are on vacation. Trick them by making the home look active while you are away. You can do this with smart home technology, light and TV timers, or even having someone visit the house daily. If someone is watching your house and sees activity and changes throughout the day, it will seem too risky for them to break in.

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