Grading and drainage issues can lead to problems inside and outside of your home. Without proper drainage, puddles may form in the yard. This can harm the grass in that area and create mud that kids and pets will track inside. Standing water is also the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Improper drainage can lead to basement flooding and mold growth inside your home. Here are some steps you can take to improve drainage on your property.

Extend Your Downspouts to Improve Drainage

Your guttering moves water off of your roofing and away from the house. If the rainwater isn’t carried far enough away, it could seep into your basement or crawlspace. To help protect your property, make sure your downspouts transport water at least four feet away from your home. Depending on the grading of your property, you may need to extend downspouts to help water flow farther away from the house.

Level the Yard

Prepare your lawn for summer storms by looking for high and low places and leveling the yard. Small depressions can be raked, filled with dirt, and re-seeded. This will help keep water from puddling in these areas.

Create a Rain Garden

A rain garden is a flower bed that you create in a low spot in your yard. Choose plants and flowers that need a lot of moisture. These plants will put the excess water to use and you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful area of greenery. You can also extend your downspout into this spot. Excess water will drain away from your house and into the rain garden.

Improve Drainage With a Dry Well

Install a dry well in an area that has a problem with pooling water. Dig a hole and fill it with gravel or some other material that permits water to flow through it. The well will collect water and allow it to slowly seep back into the earth. Another alternative is to purchase a dry well container. These are usually plastic barrels with holes in the sides and bottom. The barrel is buried in the ground, surrounded by rocks. The container will collect water and it will slowly drain out through the holes in the sides.

Use a Rain Barrel

If you have a garden or need water to use for outdoor chores, a rain barrel will help manage excess water and allow you to re-purpose it. Install a barrel beneath a downspout to collect rainwater. The water will be stored inside the container and you can use it to water the lawn or clean the deck.

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