With cooler weather on the way, spend some time on fall home improvement projects. Though some of these projects can be costly, they boost your property’s value. Invest your time and money in projects that will help your home function and look better.

The Best Fall Home Improvement Projects

Not sure where to begin? Consider the following six ideas:

1. Paint Your Front Door

If you’re looking for quick and easy projects, painting your front door is a good place to start. While it’s a simple task, repainting the front door has one of the highest returns for homeowners. With an ROI between 80-140%, repainting your door will set it apart from the other houses on the street.

2. Repair the Deck

A well-maintained deck is often a popular selling point for homeowners. By investing in improvements like repairing and sealing your deck, you’ll see an ROI between 80-120%. Completing this task during fall will help your deck weather the winter and be ready for use come spring.

3. Fall Home Improvement Projects That Enhance Your Home’s Exterior

An exterior paint job will boost a home’s value significantly, offering homeowners an ROI between 60-100%. If you’re planning to do a few touch-ups to your home’s exterior, you can likely do this yourself. However, it’s best to hire a professional for a high-quality paint job of the entire home.

4. Replace the Roof

Many homeowners procrastinate replacing their roofs, but fall home improvement projects like this are important for the overall health of the home. Replacing the roof gives homeowners peace of mind that it will handle snow and ice during winter. With an ROI between 50-110%, this project is certainly worth the investment.

5. Power Wash the Exterior

Fall home improvement projects don’t need to be extensive renovations to have an impact on your home’s value. Power washing removes all the dirt and grime from the siding. With an ROI of 40-110%, power washing is an effective way to make your home look new. While homeowners can power wash their homes themselves, the equipment is best handled by a professional.

6. Cleaning Your Gutters is an Essential Fall Home Improvement Project

Cleaning your gutters may seem more like a chore than an improvement project, but it is important nonetheless. With regular maintenance, your gutters protect your roof, siding, and foundation from water damage. Complete this task twice a year, in fall and spring.

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