Easy and Inexpensive Ideas for Home Renovations

When most people talk about home renovations, they think of big, time-consuming projects with an expensive price tag. However, not every renovation has to be disruptive to your household or costly. There are many easy home renovations that any DIY’er can complete quickly and easily on a budget. These options are great for upgrading your home without a lot of money or effort.

Adding a Backsplash

A backsplash adds color to your kitchen while protecting the walls behind the stove and sink. You can install a new backsplash in an afternoon, using almost any type of material. Cover the wall with ceramic tile, glass tile, wood, decorative tin, or even adhesive vinyl backsplash to create a low-maintenance surface that brings personality to the kitchen.

Easy Home Renovations for Windows

Windows are some of the easiest areas to update. You don’t have to replace the entire window to make improvements. Inside, add valances, curtains, and blinds to give a different look to the living space.

You might also choose to update the window trim to frame the window in a new way. Another simple idea to change the exterior appearance of a window is to add a flower box. This is an excellent choice for the sunny side of your house.

Replacing Cabinet Hardware

Loose knobs and dated drawer pulls on kitchen and bathroom cabinets will date the space. With just a little time and a small investment, you can give the cabinetry a boost by adding new hardware.

Make sure the new hardware is the same size as the older pieces for a quick and easy project. You will need to measure hole-to-hole to determine the right fit. If the movement of loose hardware has damaged the finish, take some extra time to clean and touch up the paint on the cabinets.

There are plenty of ideas for home renovations and improvements. Above are a few easy and inexpensive projects you can complete in a single weekend. Spend a little time around the house improving its appearance and functionality.

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