The options are virtually endless when choosing projects that will improve your home. Prioritize projects based on how impactful they will be to the property’s overall condition and buyer appeal. The flashiest home improvement projects are not always the smartest for making your home worth more. Research specific features that prospective homebuyers are looking for in today’s market. Here are some ways to add value to your home.

Look Through a Buyer’s Eyes to Add Value to Your Home

There are certain qualities in a home’s construction that are timeless in terms of buyer appeal. People want to buy a well-constructed home that is functional, makes good use of its space, and will meet the needs of their family. It’s good to know about traditional norms and the latest trends in the real estate market if you’re going to effectively add value to your home.

People Want Energy-Efficient Homes

Climate change and energy consumption are hot-button issues. A home with Energy Star-certified appliances, efficient heating and air conditioning, low-flow toilets, and even solar panels is more desirable and has a higher market value.

An energy-efficient home is attractive simply because it’s cheaper to live in. Energy savings add up over time. The extra money freed up each month allows families to direct funds toward other necessities in their lives.

Consider scheduling a professional home energy audit to analyze your home’s energy usage. The report will give you extensive insights into how to improve energy efficiency in your living space. You’ll learn if additional insulation is needed in certain areas, a water heater needs replaced, or windows and doors need to be weatherized.

Remodeling Ideas That Maximize Return on Investment

A good place to start when exploring remodeling projects that will add value to your home is updating the bathrooms. No one wants a dingy and water-damaged bathroom. Install new vanity cabinets for added storage, replace faucets, and put down new flooring that isn’t water-permeable. Repaint the bathroom walls with glossy or semi-gloss paint that has antimicrobial properties to prevent mold and mildew.

Convenience is key in many aspects of life. Have a designated laundry room so that family members aren’t always walking up and down the stairs to wash their clothes. Go with an open-concept kitchen if this type of remodeling is within your budget, unifying the kitchen and living room to make these frequented areas more spacious and accessible. Installing extra windows also adds value to your home, as does replacing old windows with new ones.

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