Being a pet owner is rewarding, but you will quickly find that more cleaning is required when you have animals in the home. Fortunately, you can keep your home tidy with minimal effort when you have a strategy. Below are 4 cleaning tips for pet owners to help keep your home clean.

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners: Train Animals to Stay Off the Furniture

Not only do pets shed, but some also scratch the furniture or damage cushions. Placing sheets of aluminum foil on the furniture will keep animals from jumping on it, helping to train them to stay off. Most animals don’t like the way that the foil feels or the sound that it makes when they jump on it. You don’t have to keep the foil in place for very long because pets will soon learn to stay off the furniture.

Cleaning Tips for Your Pet’s Litter Box

Cleaning your cat’s litter box can be a daunting task. Make clean-up easier by lining the box with a trash bag before you fill it. Be sure that the bag goes over the edges of the box so it doesn’t sink into the box when you fill it. When it is time to clean the litter box, pull out the whole bag. The box will be clean and ready to use again. This trick will also save time because you won’t have to scrub stuck-on litter.

Make Bath Time More Enjoyable for Your Pet

Bathing a dog can be challenging, especially if your pup isn’t fond of water. Use a hair catcher in the drain to catch fur so that it won’t cause a clog. Fill the tub before you put the dog in because running water can be frightening for some animals. If you have a big dog, you are better off using the garden hose outside.

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners: Use a Vacuum

When you have a dog that sheds, fur seems to spread throughout the house faster than you can clean it up. Minimize the amount of hair left by your pet by regularly grooming them. If your pet will tolerate it, use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to remove loose hair from your dog’s coat. Cleaning up after your pet is easier when you can prevent shedding in the first place.

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